Lit Lovers Reward Club | Literary Lip Balms

Lit Lovers Reward Club

What is it? The Lit Lovers Reward Club is a way for you to earn rewards for your purchases, referrals, and other activities. There might even be e...

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How my business fell apart | Literary Lip Balms

How my business fell apart

I feel like I should explain why I've recently launched a collection of socks and arm warmers on the site. The story behind this might get fairly l...

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Breathe: 2019 In Review | Literary Lip Balms

Breathe: 2019 In Review

2019 was a transformational year both professionally and personally. Here are some of the highlights - both good and bad, because what is failure b...

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Happy New Year Giveaway | Literary Lip Balms

Happy New Year Giveaway

As the decade is coming to an end, let's wrap it up with a grand giveaway. This is my way of saying thanks to everyone for your support, orders, fe...

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