Lip Balms for Speciality Cafe and Artisan Bakery Flower & Bean

Dubliners are spoiled for choice when it comes to neighbourhood cafes, but there is something special about Flower & Bean. We recently created some cafe inspired lip balms for their Christmas pop-up and found their treats impossible to resist. Here's why you should check them out.

Flower and Bean counter of treats

Above: A counter full of freshly baked treats every day

Top-Notch Quality Coffee

Behind the Dublin 8 cafe, which opened its doors in August 2022, you'll find owners who are truly passionate about what they serve. Gregory and Henrique are the baristas and "professional coffee nerds" with a wealth of knowledge between them (Greg used to be a roaster in Cool Hand at Inchicore). They host barista competitions and workshops in the shop, as well as latte art and home brewing courses to take your coffee making to the next level.

As Scandinavians we prefer our coffee with deep and bold notes, and Flower & Bean hits the mark perfectly with their 3FE coffee. Order a white coffee, and swoon over the swans, hearts and flowers that their baristas create so effortlessly with a flick of their wrists.

Pumpkin & Pecan Scone at Flower & Bean Bakery in Dublin 8

Above: Munch on a scone and watch the world pass you by.

Unusual flavour combinations

Enter the bakery early in the morning and you'll be met with a counter stocked to the brim of sweet and savoury treats; a cornucopia of cakes, pastries, sambos and cookies.

Among classics like almond croissants you'll find more adventurous pairings such as pain au chocolats with a hint of orange, pumpkin scones with pecan and spice, and spiced apple tray bake with a cloud of meringue and crumble on top.

Flower & Bean often creates seasonal flavours and "no waste"-puddings made with what's on hand, so you never know what's going to be on offer (unless you religiously stalk their Instagram stories like we do). Fridays and Saturdays are "donut days" that will give you a serious case of FOMO; flavours change weekly and if you come in too late in the day, the only thing left will be crumbs.

Marta is the head baker and the brain behind the team that takes "traditional recipes and twists them to the next level" according to their website. She has previous experience from places like Cafe Sol and Natural Bakery, as well as her own artisanal cake business. 

Flower & Bean and Literary Lip Balms Cafe Inspired Balms

Above: Cafe inspired lip balms for the coffee shop lover in your life.

Friendly Community Hub

Although Flower & Bean has only been open for a few months, it has the warm community atmosphere of places that has been around for much longer. The staff is always friendly and happy to have a chat with customers.

You'll see dog owners dropping in on their daily walks, mothers relaxing over brunch while their toddlers explore the children's play area, and shelves stocked with books and products from other Dublin-based businesses. Here you'll find speciality coffee from 3FE and newly opened micro roastery Blind Monkey, as well as coffee from Ukraine with proceeds going towards refugees (coming soon).

This December Flower & Bean is curating a selection of locally made gifts:

We were delighted to create a duo of cafe inspired lip balms for the pop-up. For the remainder of the month you'll be able to get these in the shop:
  • Cinnamon Roll & Coffee Lip Balm. A moisturising lip balm with the scent of roasted coffee and a hint of cinnamon buns.
  • Spiced Chai Lip Balm. A moisturising lip balm with the scent of warm chai and sweet mandarin for the cold winter weather.
  • Signature Mini Sleep Balm. Aromatherapy balm that will help you relax with essential oils of chamomile, lavender, bergamot and amyris. 

At a time when many small businesses are facing an uncertain future, it means a lot to be part of a community where people are supporting each other. Make sure you pay Flower & Bean a visit and sample some of their holiday treats!

Christmas pavlova

Above: A festive pavlova wreath topped with chocolate, mulled wine fruit compote, cream, clementine curd, berries and edible gold. 

Holiday Special: Artisan Christmas Cakes

If you're lucky enough to be based in Dublin, you can order some of Flower and Bean's cakes for your Christmas party. How does a baked cheesecake with clementine notes, baked on a gingerbread base, with toppings of cranberry and ruby chocolate sound? Or perhaps mince pie cupcakes will be the perfect pairing for your holiday celebration? Dublin pick up only (and we're guessing they will go fast, so don't wait too long to order).


Address: 113 Cork Street, Dublin 8

Opening times:

  • 7:30am - 4.30pm (Mon-Fri)
  • 9:00am - 4.30p, (weekends / bank holidays)

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