Book Review: Parting the Veil by Paulette Kennedy

A shocking, amazingly suspenseful and gripping Gothic romance debut novel.
Parting the Veil is such an amazing suspenseful and gripping romance that I didnt knew I needed in my life. A fair warning. There's a mention of self harm, murder, incest, miscarriage and death.
This novel got me obsessed from the first chapter. Paulette Kennedy did a fantastic job weaving this hauntingly beautiful story. It reminds me of Bridgerton, Rebecca and Crimson Peak, so if you enjoy those then this will be a perfect read. The vibes and the writing style of the book really throws you into the Victorian era, making you wish you were a part of the society.
It's safe to say that I literally devoured the book; I can't remember putting it down because every page lead tomore and more questions. The suspense keeps building and makes me want to keep reading, while at same time dreading for its end because it's hauntingly good. 
I love the characters in this book. We have Eliza, a strong and independent woman from New Orleans who came to England to inherit a manor from her deceased aunt. She arrived in England wishing to start a new life and escape the scandals and the pressure of the society to women of her age about marriage. Little did she know, she will fall in love with Malcolm (yet another amazing, well thought, well written character), her very mysterious neighbour who is the constant topic of gossips and scandals.
Eliza's relationship with her half-sister Lydia is one of the other things I truly love in this book. The sisterly love, the protectiveness to each other is amazing and beautiful.
There are also the plot twists that kept throwing me off. Parting the veil is one of the few books where I can't really figure out what is going on! Most of the time I can feel my mind going round and round with possible answers and theories but after nearing the end I have come to realize that only part of my theories were right. This book is unpredictable and amazing.
Highly recommended!
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