Our products are intended for external use only. Keep out of reach of children. 
If you have sensitive skin, please try a patch test and be aware of any personal allergies prior to using this product. If you have an allergy to any of the listed ingredients, please refrain from using. 

Products should be stored between 2ºC-26ºC (36ºF-79º). Avoid placing products near heat sources (direct sunlight, oven etc). If you find your products melting because of high temperatures, you can try putting them in the fridge (not freezer) to make them firm up. This might affect the texture.

As the products do not contain preservatives, we recommend using them within 12 months of purchase. Scents may fade over time. 

Lip balms

Apply to lips or dry patches of skin as needed. 

Lotion Bars

Rub the bar between your hands or against your skin to gently melt the bar. Apply with your hands or directly on hands, legs, elbows or other places with dry skin. Remember - a little goes a long way! Because the bar contains no water, it will last longer than over the counter products, and you won’t have to re-apply it as often. It may feel slightly oily at first, but will absorb quickly and leave behind a thin layer that protects your skin.

Face Oils

Apply 3-5 drops to cleansed skin morning and/or evening. Can be used instead of your normal moisturiser or beneath your sunscreen. Remember that it might take your skin a few weeks to adjust to a new skincare routine.


The soap bar will last longer if you allow air to circulate around them. To keep your soap dry between every use, make sure to use a soap tray that drains well.

Bath Salts

Add a handful or two tablespoons to your bath (or more if desired) and soak for 20 minutes. Rinse tub after use, be careful while getting in and out of your tub as certain oils may cause slippery surfaces.  After you have used up your product, upcycle the tin for any bits and bobs in your bathroom, or maybe try to make your own bath salt!