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Perfectly powerful in its scent, burns well and smells amazing! After burning fully, the candle tin can be reused. I would recommend this candle to everyone.

I feel like Samwise Gamgee (before Mordor)

This must be the stuff that hobbits all over rave about when they’re not running off on perilous journeys! I don’t garden but I do have dry hands and psoriasis and both thanked me for this balm.

Little Women Candle
Shreya Shah
Perfect for those long baths!!

The scent and the Candle Container both are amazing, very compact. It seems to be lasting long than the other candles I've used so far.

Mini Sleep Balm
Lauren Shaw
Smells like a dream!

I really really love the scent of this, though I haven’t noticed a massive difference in sleeping it is definitely a soothing scent

Call of the Pines Eco Lip Balm

Agent Carter Eco Lip Tint

Sherbet Lemon Lip Balm
Michelle Atkinson

Sherbet Lemon - Vanilla & Lemon

Perfect for summer!

I used this soap bar for showering and I loved the scent. Its a bit more musky/earthy (sorry, I am bad at describing smells 😅) than expected, but that is so perfect for hot summer days, I felt so refreshed and loved that the scent lasted on my skin fairly long (this never happens with shower gels for me) and I loved the formula (drug store soap can leave a "dull" feeling, which this didn't do at all!!!). The design is also just stunning!

Lady of The Lake Soap Bar
Lydia Grant-Jones
Stunning scent with a beautiful lather and scent

I love Vy’s soaps so much and this one is no different. Not only is it stunning to look at, the lather is beautiful and moisturisers and cleans my hands well. I find the scent wears off but I think that’s because I’m using it so much so I’m just nose-blind! It’s a stunning scent that is fresh and floral. Definitely one of my favourites! Plus the packaging is incredible and vy’s customer service is outstanding.

Fabulous gift

Great gift idea and smells fab!

Wonky Soap Mystery Bundle
Best Idea Ever

Absolutely LOVE this idea! A great way to reduce waste for Vy and a wonderful way for LLB fans to try a variety of soaps. My mystery bundle came with four of the soaps pictured: Lost Boys, Gatsby's Mansion, Lemon Sherbet, and Pride & Peppermint. (I purchased the Lady of the Lake also pictured separately.) Even these "wonky" bars are gorgeous, smell amazing, and lather beautifully. 10/10 would buy again!


I love this product! I like to dab the balm on my wrists at bedtime or when I just want to chill, and I think the scent really does help me to relax. The tin is also super cute which is a plus.


This is such a pretty scent and I can see why it is so popular. The rose scent is distinct but at the same time it is not overwhelmingly floral. The pink colour of the balm in the tin is aesthetically pleasing and adds to the overall prettiness of the product.

Dark Academia

Another lovely balm! The scent of this one is distinctive but not overpowering, and has what I’d consider a “dark academia” vibe.

Subtly beautiful

So I've been using Lady of Lake soap for a couple of weeks now. The scent is so subtle but even after a few hours I can still smell it on my skin. The soap leaves my skin soft & nourished. I absolutely love this soap and will definitely be buying again!

Lady of the Lake Lip Balm

My new favourite Literary Lip Balm! I absolutely adore the scent of this one; it’s cool and sophisticated, and has an ethereal, mystical vibe. I definitely plan on repurchasing!

Lemon sherbert soap

This is a dreamy soap. The fresh smell of lemons and the creamy lather is divine. I will be ordering again! Highly recommend if you love a fresh scent and to feel squeaky clean.

Wonky Soap Mystery Bundle
Treasa Nic Dhonncha
Postman loved delivering this parcel

Gorgeous collection of wonderfully wonky soaps! My postman did comment on how yummy the package smelled. He was right!

Sherbet Lemon Lip Balm
Chris Cruise-O'Neill

I waited for this to come back into stock, and I'm so glad I did! It's beautiful, my new favourite lip balm.

Brilliant idea!

I really love this soap bag. Great gentle exfoliation & I can use my favourite soap in the shower. I hang it up & the soap can dry (without becoming soggy) until the next shower.


I was delighted with this lip balm. The scent is subtle but lovely; it’s definitely a warm, comforting scent. I have tried a few of these tube balms now, and I love them; the formula of the balm itself is amazing, and they are great for taking out and about, when a tin balm is less practical.

Lovely Lip Balms

Good flavours, effective lip balms, quirky idea - excellent!

The product arrived very quickly and smells exactly like the scent described on the front. I will definitely be trying out some of the other candles

Incredibly soft texture when rubbed onto the lips and delicate scent. Would definitely order again.