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I bought the lip balms as a gift for a friend. I haven’t given them to her yet so can’t review!

Pure nostalgia in a tin!

Picked this out because I was intrigued by the name and the combination of scents - can confirm it's every bit as quirky and irresistible as the March girls themselves!

Wonderful balm for a good night's sleep

I got this as a gift. I loved the packaging and the fairytale title made me smile. I often have trouble sleeping but the beautiful scent of the balm helped me drift off. Very happy customer, I've ordered it since for my friends! 😊


I adore Nikolai and I absolutely adore this lip balm. I won't be going anywhere without it. The scent is so rich and lovely – it's perfect for me. I love the smooth texture. Definitely coming back for more of this product and I'm excited to try out other scents!

Beautiful Candle!

This candle smells amazing and I'm so obsessed with the fact its based around one of my favourite books!


Bought this for my boyfriend and I literally can't stop stealing from it. He loves it too. It's just gorgeous. Smells fab, rich texture, cool theme.

Smells great and kind to hands!

The scent is strong and fresh - a great unisex smell (to the point my fiancé keeps secretly using it as well!) but without the overpowering alcohol aroma. This absorbs much quicker than thick gel sanitisers and is much more moisturising and kind to hands. That and the bottle looks amazing, of course! Highly recommended!


The balms are so lovely and hydrating and all smell amazing. I’ll definitely be purchasing more in future!

Perfect lip balm!

This lip balm has been my saviour during this cold spell. You barely need any pressure to melt the product in the tin, and it just glides over the lips. This balm has easily replaced all the others I own, and is my absolute favourite out of the ones I bought! Will definitely be buying (many) more in the future!!

Lip balms

I have used the pride & peppermint lip balm everyday since I got it,such a beautiful product. The smell is beautiful & makes my lips feel so soft 😊

Soo good!

I got this to see if it might help with my dry and very sensitive skin, which is once again struggeling during winter. It helps moisturize my skin and also doesnt sting or burn, which is rare for me, even with natural products. Iike the sent, but the fennel is very dominant, so it might not be everybodies favorite. I find it comforting, it reminds me of my childhood. I put it on at night and wake up with much better skin now. I love it!

Murder on the Orange Express Eco Lip Balm

Smells gorgeous!!!

Really love this. Great unisex smell & doesn’t leave my hands sticky or smelling of alcohol like hand gel.

Gorgeous Tint

This is genuinely the best lip tint I've ever tried, beautiful colour payoff and is buttery soft. A must have!

Pick ANY 3! Lip Balm Bundle
Lovely product

I purchased 3 and they were lovely. They look pretty and delighted to support local business in these times.

Fairy Godmother's Sleep Balm

Great product, beautifully presented!!!
Highly recommended!!!!

Lovely lip balm

Fab lip balm from Literary Lip Balms. Super buttery, soothing texture and smell amazing. Got a mix of tins and sticks and love both

Has to be my favourite

The peppermint in this wakes up the lips! This is my favourite lip balm so far I keep buying more and then giving it to people! I first bought it as I'm a HP fan but it was so much better than I imagined it would be. I still experiment with other but keep coming back to this one.


I didn't have many opportunities to go out in public wearing this lip tint but I love it immensely! The colour is subtle but definitely visible and very pretty, the scent is spicy and lasts for long. The size of the balm is also huge so I think it is actually cheaper than buying 3 or 4 other lipsticks that are 10 times less good quality than this one. Doesn't feel too sticky or messy and the recyclable packaging is great.

Pleasantly Surprised

I have to say, this balm blew me away. The smell and feel when applying it, is absolutely wonderful. This is definitely one of my new favorites.

Absolutely wonderful!

I have been looking for a new soap for quite sometime, and just haven't found the right product/brand for me. I typically don't use bar soap, but I loved this scent in the lip balm so much that I just had to give it a try. I can assure you, I was not disappointed, and have certainly found my new favorite soap!! The smell in and out of the shower is amazing, and I am left feeling clean and refreshed. Such a wonderful product.

Amazing Product

I’m so impressed with this lip tint. It’s subtle and classy and perfect for those days when you don’t want to wear a full-on lipstick but would like a bit of colour. I absolutely adore the rose and vanilla scent; it’s warm and sophisticated.

Love it

I adore the formula of these tube lip balms; I think I actually prefer it to the formula of the tin lip balms (though I love those too). This is a subtle, cool, fresh, “wintery” scent. Based on the description I was expecting it to be a little more minty, but I’m still delighted with it!

Wonderfully Soothing Scent

Wonderfully soothing scent and the mix of lavender and chamomile is so well balanced - I could sniff it all day. xD
I was lucky enough to be gifted this and I personally don't have too many sleeping difficulties, but I definitely do find when I use this it helps relax me, and therefore, puts me in a better place for restful sleep - so I've started using it as part of my regular routine! This tub size is also huge so it will last me ages!


This is a wonderfully calming and relaxing scent! It's definitely not as strong as some of the others I've had from this shop such as Tea with Tumnus, Lime and Punishment or Journey to Moria that are more spicey, so I would highly recommend it if you like something more subtle for your lips! It smells a lot like the sleep balm as well if you're looking for a comparison.