Literary Lip Balms in Irish Times Magazine (May 2021)

What a complete surprise! Delighted to see our products mentioned in Irish Times Magazine this weekend. The Molly Bloom lip tint is exclusive to the Museum of Literature (which will finally open again in May), but you can find several other eco-friendly lip tints available in our online shop.


"Literary Lippy: You don't need to be able to recite Molly Bloom's famous Ulysses soliloquy by heart to have a little Joyce on your lips. The brilliant shop at MoLi (the Museum of Literature Ireland) has a fab range of Irish-made items, including Literary Lip Balms including Murder on the Orange Express, Grapefruit of Wrath, and the always fresh Molly Bloom. Also find soaps, pens, earrings, prints, jewellery and notecards. Lip Balms from €10, Molly Bloom €15. And yes I said yes I will Yes."

Literary Lippy - Feature of Literary Lip Balms in Irish Times Magazine

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